Zayo – Switchgear Upgrade

CEL completed a 3000A 120/208V Switchgear upgrade for a data centre in downtown Calgary. The project consisted of the removal of the existing aging switchgear and replacing it with a new custom Schneider line up that integrated the buildings stand by generator ATS. CEL teamed up with Norstar Power Solutions for this unique design build. Logistics and timing was difficult, the requirements to be on the downtown electrical network threw a lot of challenges our way. This gear is 100kA rated, 72” in depth and required us to expand the size of the electrical room to fit all the new equipment. We planned and executed a 24/3 outage to complete this work, back-up generators were placed around the building to keep the critical loads running for the duration of the outage. We finished it off with new LED lighting and epoxy painting the room in the clients colours.