July 8, 2022

Safety First – 2021 President’s Safety Award

Congratulations to the CEL Saskatoon Team for winning the Presidential Safety Award for 2021!!

CEL established this annual award to recognize the branch that has gone above and beyond in creating the safest possible workplaces – with a goal of zero injuries or incidents. Saskatoon showed great momentum and a strong commitment to safety even during the challenges that were faced in 2021.

The continued growth of the Saskatoon market has not deterred the team from meeting CEL’s objective of being “best in class” for safety. All our branches do such a fantastic job prioritizing site safety that it is always hard for us to choose one above the rest. However, this year, Saskatoon’s effort in making safety their priority was outstanding.

Congratulations to the whole team in Saskatoon! Keep up the great work!