July 8, 2022

CEL’s Christmas Donation Project

CEL has always believed that it is important to actively participate in the communities we serve. Supporting local charities, community groups and non-profit organizations that benefit the community is part of our company mandate. In 2021, CEL participated in raising money for our Christmas Donation Project. We found it remarkably rewarding to give back to the community, especially when many have been struggling throughout the pandemic.

Our Winnipeg branch was tasked with distributing $10,000 of donations to the Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre (FGWRC). CEL Winnipeg purchased items to support the needs of the centre and the women and children they encourage. Located in Winnipeg, the FGWRC is committed to creating a community where women & children are safe, healthy, valued and empowered. A close friend shared that she benefited from the FGWRC’s help when she became a single mom and that she still volunteers with them to help others. With her help and FGWRC’s wish list, CEL went shopping for the items needed to put together emergency hygiene and food kits. We also purchased items to donate such as children’s toques, jewellery, and kid’s books to be placed on their giveaway table so that women and children can take what they need when they come into the Centre.

CEL is so proud to promote a culture that encourages team members to contribute time and resources to support the communities around us.