Trouw Nutrition – Processing Plant Fire Remediation

Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. (formerly Nutreco Canada) is among the country’s leading providers of animal feed and nutritional solutions. They primarily serve the commercial livestock industry, but also have two dedicated pet food plants. CEL has been a long-time electrical services consultant to five of Trouw’s plants across western Canada. Our involvement includes initial construction and extends to ongoing plant maintenance and support.

In March 2019, a non-electrical fire occurred at Trouw’s manufacturing facility in Olds, Alberta. CEL immediately dispatched a response team from our Service and Special Projects division. We were among the first on-scene. Despite temperatures of -30°C, CEL crews worked around the clock to make the plant safe, to assess and triage damages, to set priorities and to execute the required work to electrical systems.

The fire caused extensive damage to the plant’s critical path infrastructure, including power controls. CEL’s intimate knowledge and understanding of the facility’s systems and processes allowed us to take all necessary steps to protect workers and safely begin remediation work.

As a value-added service, CEL has been working with Trouw to update life-safety policies for all of their Canadian plants, drawing from insights gained through the responsive handling of this incident.