Bunge / Altona – New Canola Processing Facility

Scope of work and summary:

Canada is the world’s top producer of canola oil. The production of canola oil and other products takes place at canola processing facilities, where canola seed is prepared, heated and crushed. The oil is then removed using a solvent and shipped to consumers around the world.

CEL was awarded the electrical and instrumentation contract for a new greenfield canola processing facility in Altona, Manitoba – built next to Bunge’s existing plant. CEL commenced work in May of 2013 and remained onsite until October 2014. Our team was responsible for all electrical works in three buildings: the preparation building, the utilities building, and the extraction building. Site-wide work extended to the installation of a fire alarm system, communication system and heat trace system. In total, the project involved the installation of just over 650 light fixtures, 350 motors, 1,800 instruments and end devices, 4,800 meters of heat trace, and approximately 135,000 meters of cabling. CEL was able to leverage our experience in agricultural and industrial applications to ensure a smooth process from beginning to end.

Bunge’s new facility has been designed to produce more than 2,500 tonnes/ day – which is double the capacity of the original plant.