Preventive maintenance allows you to avoid costly unscheduled downtime in your operation. CEL’s preventive maintenance inspections identify potential problems before breakdowns occur and early detection allows repairs to be made during scheduled maintenance periods. Our database allows tracking of recurring weaknesses that may need correction in future designs Our inspections are scheduled for maximum effectiveness. We monitor recurring trouble spots as well as perform bi-annual inspections. Additional inspections can be scheduled based on customer preferences or demand.

CEL uses thermal imaging (Thermography), using state of the art infrared cameras. Thermography inspections, conducted when the facility is in operation, enable hot spots to be identified before failure occurs. Our trained and certified thermography technicians are also journeymen electricians, which means that, with proper PPE, we can: test energized equipment, check circuit loading, diagnose electrical overheating, and provide repair recommendations.

We provide additional maintenance services to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.